The best part of a destination wedding is that it brings together all of your favourite people, friends and family, combining the celebration of your love with an awesome group holiday too.

With a destination wedding a pre-wedding gathering the night before the wedding, when all of your guests have arrived, can serve as a casual alternative to a rehearsal dinner with just your families, bridal and groom parties.

If guests are travelling long hours to be with you to celebrate your new chapter, one of the best ways to show your appreciation is to plan a memorable and fun pre-wedding activity! Including other hosted events in your wedding week/ weekend, is a great way to thank people who are spending their money to hop on a plane and come to your wedding. As well as a good opportunity to allow them to experience some of the local culture and showcase Cyprus.

How many gatherings should you book? Depending on how long your guests are staying on the island will typically set the expectation for how much time they’ll have to spend with you, and how many pre or post wedding gatherings you should consider without overscheduling people.

Do we have to include everyone? Of course not, especially if you have guests travelling with children as this can limit what events they would be able to attend or perhaps you may wish to consider family friendly and adult only themed gatherings. If you live locally, you may only have a handful of guests attending from afar and therefore wish to spend more time with them.

What makes a great pre-wedding gathering? You’ll need to pick something that will appeal to different ages, personalities and preferences, something that is fun and not forced fun. Ultimately you’ll want to lean towards something that makes Cyprus unique for you, and that you’d love to share with your guests. Only you truly know your guests and why you fell in love with Cyprus as your wedding destination, and here are some great ideas for you to choose from…

Welcome Dinner/ Meze: A great way to give your guests a taste of Cyprus is by giving them a taste of Cyprus, and by that we mean the cuisine! Especially if you’re opting for more international foods or sit down meal at your wedding reception, encouraging your guests to experience traditional local dishes in true meze style can serve as the perfect ‘welcome to Cyprus’ gastro experience.

Explore the Med: One of the beauties of Cyprus, is being surrounded by the gorgeous blue of the mediterranean sea. Take full advantage by hiring a boat or encouraging your guests to join you on one of the many cruises from Paphos harbour.

Plan a pool party: Whether you’re renting a villa for the duration of your stay or you live locally on the island, a pool party or gathering could be just the intimate and casual get-together you and your guests need pre-wedding!

Winery Tour: Escape to the villages of Paphos and visit one of the many local wineries to enjoy a taste of Cyprus in gorgeous vineyard settings.

Spa Day: If your guests are staying in one of the many luxurious hotels on the island, take this chance to enjoy a spa day or day with them at the pool.

Beach BBQ: Arrange a bbq party for you and your guests to have some fun on the beach in a private setting, with good food, music and the mediterranean sea as the backdrop!

Post Wedding Farewell Brunch or Drinks: Before your guests depart from the island it may be too much to ask for them to join a sit down or formal gathering, especially if different guests are leaving at different times, in which case a casual brunch or goodbye drinks could be a great chance to spend some time together before they leave and thank them again for their attendance.

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