With Christmas just around the corner, you may be planning some fun family activities and festive games to play over the holidays, with that in mind… How about planning a fun game to partake in during your wedding reception? This massively popular game can inject some fun and serve as entertainment for your guests too. The ‘Wedding Shoe Game’ is a great way to test the couple’s knowledge of each other. From who is the best cook to who is the funniest, the newlyweds will have to answer a variety of questions all without seeing each other’s answers.

Guaranteed to have your guests giggling and kick your evening off to a good start. Here’s what you need to know about playing the game, when to play it, how it works and some hilarious questions you can ask!

When: Most couples choose to play the wedding shoe game during their wedding reception as it’s a great way to transition from after dinner into the party mode, right after food whilst your guest’s eyes are still on the couple, as once your guests start dancing that’s it (and you don’t want to kill the buzz on the dancefloor either!)

If you prefer not to include it on your wedding day, you’re not limited to just your wedding reception, instead you can host the game at any other wedding-related party such as a pre-wedding gathering or engagement party.

How to Play: As one of the easiest games to play, you’ll only need to enlist the help of family and friends to clear the dance floor to set it up by putting two chairs back-to-back in the center of your wedding venue. The key is to ensure you’re not able to see each other when seated. Now, take both of your shoes off and swap one, which should leave you holding one of your shoes and one of your partner’s shoes too (and vice versa).

Once you’re all set up, you’ll then need to pick a host. This could be a guest or member of your bridal/ groom party e.g. your maid of honour or best man. However, be sure that the person hosting is confident enough to speak in front of the crowd and has a mic to be heard across the laughter of your guests.

Now the fun begins! The host will begin reading out questions for the couple to answer such as ‘who made the first move?’, pausing for you to answer and allowing guests to react, the host should have around 20-50 questions.

When responding to each question, you’re not allowed to shout or say the answer – hence the shoes! When a question is asked, you should raise the shoe of the person the question describes.

Questions for you to include:

  1. Who made the first move?
  2. Who said “I love you” first?
  3. Who is the better cook?
  4. Who cooks most often?
  5. Who is the better driver?
  6. Who is more organized?
  7. Who has a better fashion sense?
  8. Who is more romantic?
  9. Who is more likely to be late for work?
  10. Who wakes up first?
  11. Who stays up the latest?
  12. Who is funnier?
  13. Who is the cleanest?
  14. Who makes all the plans?
  15. Who is more outgoing?
  16. Who is the better kisser?
  17. Who is the flirtier one?
  18. Who is better at keeping secrets?
  19. Who has the best taste in music?
  20. Who has the best taste in films?
  21. Who has the best taste in TV?
  22. Who is most likely to binge-watch a show?
  23. Who loves reading the most?
  24. Who is the nerdiest one?
  25. Who always thinks they are right?
  26. Who talks the most?
  27. Who talks the loudest?
  28. Who is more serious?
  29. Who spends the longest in the bathroom?
  30. Who is the better dancer?
  31. Who takes the longest to get ready?
  32. Who is the most adventurous?
  33. Who plans the best date nights?
  34. Who is the pickiest eater?
  35. Who looks the best today?

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