The long awaited day of your wedding is almost coming to an end, the first dance has been done and cake has been cut, it’s time for your grand finale. Your wedding exit can be just as exciting and spectacular as your entrance and you can customise it to fit your personalities as a couple perfectly. Whether you’re celebrating your exit from the ceremony, making your exit at the very end of the night as you depart from Liopetro to your hotel or as a way to get your guests to gather on the dance floor before they head off (especially if some of them have little ones with them). It’s definitely not a photo op chance that you want to miss before your photographers call it a night either!

Here are our favourite send offs…


#1 Sparklers

One of the most popular choices for send off dances and photos are the use of sparklers to add that magic sparkle to the end of your night


#2 Bubbles!

A fun send off without the clean up! Bubbles can be a super fun send off for your guests and younger ones too

flower petals

#3 Flower Petals

Petals aren’t just for the flower girls to throw! Hand out fresh flower petals as an eco-friendly confetti to be thrown


#4 Doves

Sending doves soaring off into the sky to celebrate the start of your happily ever after. Releasing doves can symbolise good fortune, prosperity and everlasting love!


(Photo by Beziique)

#5 Fireworks

From ground firework fountains to spectacular aerial displays, fireworks create nothing less than that WOW factor to your big day


#6 Greenery

Olive Trees are native to Cyprus and gorgeous as a part of your wedding decor too, so why not have your guests toss some olive leaves, eucalyptus leaves or something scentful like lavender!

smoke bombs

(Photo by Beziique)

#7 Coloured Smoke Bombs

Create an epic photo-worthy send off with the addition of a coloured smoke bomb for an ethereal backdrop.

#8 Champagne

Nothing says celebration than some bubbly! Have your best men pop and spray a couple of bottles!


#9 Feathers

Opulent feathers offer a glam touch to your send off with your guests tossing handfuls of them in the air as the dreamily float and fall around you.

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