Deciding on the perfect wedding cake or dessert can be a challenging task from cake flavours to opting for other alternatives there can be a lot to decide on. Especially for some if there are certain dietary restrictions that need to be taken into consideration such as a vegan or gluten-free diet, which may seem impossible to find something delicious but luckily most cake makers have experience when it comes to this and can make some incredibly tasty alternatives!

If you’re planning on serving something vegan or gluten-free to guests that aren’t vegan or gluten-free, it’s important to make sure that your cake maker is experienced in just that so as to make a product as close to the ‘real thing’ as possible.

Whilst many things can be ‘swapped out’ simply such as vegan butter or non-dairy milk and egg substitutes, for other ingredients it can be much more complicated. If it’s only you, the couple, that are vegan and/ or gluten-free you may choose to have only one tier of your wedding cake especially tailored to your dietary needs instead of offering an entirely vegan/gluten-free menu.

vegan wedding cake

#1 Top tier only
Whether it’s just you two that are vegan or gluten-free or whether only a handful of your guests aren’t, you can mix and match your tiers to suit!

#2 Macaron Tower
Make a statement with a macaron tower (colour coordinated or solely white) these can make a great statement piece whilst being vegan AND gluten-free (however they do contain almond paste so are not suitable for anyone with a nut allergy).

#3 Candy Bar
Skip the cakes & baked goods altogether and opt for a mixture of sweets and candy that your guests can help themselves to!

#4 Vegan Brownies
Everyone loves a fudgy brownie so why not have some vegan ones whipped up!

#5 Sorbet
Something different for your ice cream cart, offer some refreshing sorbet flavours that are incredibly delicious and dairy free!

#6 Gluten & Dairy Free Biscuits
Have your cake maker create some scrummy personalised biscuits that can be made gluten and dairy free.

Vegan Wedding Cake

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