With an increasing number of weddings, referred to as the ‘wedding boom’, that took place in 2022 and returned back to ‘normal’ for the foreseeable future, along with it many new trends are seeming to emerge and be heading our way for 2023. We’re sure many of these unique trends will excite many of our brides as they do us.

Your wedding day is yours for the making, be as creative or budget-friendly as you wish, and embrace your uniqueness as a couple bringing as much or as little personalisation and out-of-the-box thinking as your heart desires

Minimal Bouquets

Simple and elegantly understated, minimal bouquets are making a bold statement this season.

unique wedding trends2023

Creative Wedding Signs

From understated to over-the-top, wedding signs are getting even more creative in 2023!

creative wedding signs


Symbolising new beginnings this delicate creature is making its way into wedding trends and decor!

butterflies place cards

Western Wedding Decor

Step over boho and rustic, we’re getting a little bit wild with a touch of western decor!

western weddings decor

Something Blue Flower Girl

A cute take on the traditional ‘something blue’, who says it needs to be a garter or accessory?

blue wedding flower girl

Custom Monograms

Making a return from the mid-2010s custom monograms are coming back and adding an elegant personalised touch for 2023

custom wedding monograms

Going Neon

Growing in popularity in the last two years, unique neon signs are hitting the wedding scene and making a perfect photo backdrop and centerpiece for your wedding decor

neon wedding signs

Eclectic Menu

Don’t miss a chance to get creative with these unique wedding menus that a great touch to your stationery collection

Eclectic wedding menu

Customise Your Wine

Custom labels for wine and water to put your own personal stamp on them, from your table wine or wedding favours these are a great addition your guests will love.

custom wedding wine bottles

Cool Down and Get Sweet

Ice Cream Carts are looking ever so popular for 2023, keep your guests cool with a sweet treat during your cocktail hour or evening fun

wedding icecream cart

Skipping the Party Favours

Giving to a cause that’s close to your heart in lieu of favours is a caring alternative to gift your guests. Display a cute card to explain in place of your wedding favours.

wedding gift cards

Tasting Bar

Great to not only keep your guests happy and occupied but also give a ‘taste’ of you both as a couple with your favourite beers, wine, or tipple of choice!

wedding tasting bar
VIP-Worthy Welcome Baskets

Fill your welcome bags or baskets with locally made crafts, Cypriot food and/ or drinks and a small bottle of local wine.

wedding vip baskets

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