CONGRATULATIONS! You may have just gotten engaged over the festive season and have not’ announced your engagement before looking for inspiration for your Wedding in Cyprus!

Before you shout “YES” from the rooftops and for everyone to hear about your engagement, you may be having some questions on just how to do that, when and who to first!  Once you’re ready to share the news with family and friends before going all out public – here’s some great ways to spread the word…

Festive Celebrations!

As it’s fallen around the holidays you can use this opportunity of all your loved ones together! Throw some festive fun into the mix too with some great photo opportunities to announce your engagement that you can later have framed and displayed for your save the dates too

Spell it out

The festive season is full of families and old traditions – most of which can include a board game or two so why not spell it out with scrabble tiles! Don’t like board games? How about letters on a fridge? If neither of these sound like you then perhaps written in the snow (or sand depending on your location), letter pin board or light box?

Planned Post

Whether it’s the classic hand holding photo, a photo of the proposal in action or a ring selfie – you’re going to post it on social media at some point right?

TikTok Trending

With TikTok trends taking over the social media channels, why not have fun and create a fun TikTok announcement like a ‘fiance check’ or a ‘how it started vs how its going’.


Whilst these are all great, creative ways to announce your engagement. Sometimes nothing beats an in person, watch their face, unexpected announcement! If you can’t do it face to face because of distance or the pandemic, then why not a digital face-to-face!

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