Summer Weddings are in full swing and ever so popular with couples and their guests’ thanks to the UK school holidays and scorching summer Cyprus heat. Meaning clear blue skies, 30c+ weather and not a drop of rain in sight (even less than usual that is!)

With the incredible weather, it’s no question that there’s an abundance of desert-inspired neutrals, lush greenery and vibrant colour palettes for every rustic wedding. Many couples look to bright oranges, tropical greens and of course Mediterranean blues for their colour schemes too.

However, with rustic weddings, there’s almost no colour that cannot be worked into this versatile wedding theme, so you don’t need to be hesitant about stepping outside the lines and going for something a bit more unusual. Rustic neutrals and punchy primaries can work just as well as any other wedding scheme!

Here are this summer’s sunkissed colours we’re loving for a Rustic Wedding…

Feminine and incredibly romantic, blush is forever a sought after choice!


From bright oranges to burnt rust hues, orange is a summer showstopper with rust(ic) shades leading the way.


Add a fresh burst of colour that packs a serious punch with its bold presence, with ample gorgeous fuchsia florals for you to pick from!


Classic and charming, Champagne adds a touch of elegance instantly! A close second to Champagne, is beige, whilst it sounds basic its ivory hue and neutral tone is gorgeous to add a softer, warmer feel to an earthy palette. Consider organic textures and bohemian inspired decor – pampas grass is ideal here!


Olive, Sage, Mint.. all gorgeous shades of green that are right at home for any rustic Cyprus wedding – take it a step further and include the real thing in your decor too.


A Mediterranean wedding isn’t complete without some blue! Whether it’s in your backdrop, wedding photos or colour scheme! A nautical navy blue can pair with some of this summer’s seasonal choices effortlessly.


The marrying of orange, yellow and white gives us this warm belle. Symbolising longevity, peach is a timeless elegant colour that’s not just a summer favourite.


This list wouldn’t be complete without this year’s biggest trending colour scheme that just fits perfectly with a rustic wedding.


Why limit yourself to just one colour when you can have a rainbow of colours to choose from and go as bold or pale as you wish!


Neutral colours
If none of these bold choices take your fancy, you don’t have to embrace any of them. Stick to a classic neutral colour scheme and opt for soft browns, creams and experiment with various textures from linen to lace, rattan to wood to achieve the perfect rustic look.


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