Your engagement is announced and the congratulations are flooding in! So now what? There’ll be so many wedding related events and festivities you can now look forward  to and organize – all of which will require some form of invitation from the engagement party to the thank you cards, here’s what and when you should be sending them out.

Engagement Party

First things first, your family and friends will want to celebrate your engagement with you! Often they may throw you your engagement party, or perhaps this is how you plan to announce your engagement altogether. An engagement party doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but you may want to send invitations out either via email, Facebook event or post. Who should you invite? Plan this guest list wisely as guests invited to your engagement party will probably expect an invite to your wedding

Save The Dates

Though they’re not required, they’re a great way to give your guests a head’s up and book the time off work, mark their calendars and start saving for a trip abroad for your Cyprus Wedding.

Be sure to send them between 8-12 months in advance for a destination wedding, or 6-8 months for a local wedding if you’re living in Cyprus.

Wedding Invitations

Choosing a wedding invitation style can take some time as you’ll not only want something that fits the style of your wedding but also your personalities too, from the colour of your invitations to the design and paper there’s lots to consider.

What do you need to include? All wedding invitations should contain the following: who’s hosting (if applicable), the request to come to the wedding (i.e.”would love for you to join them” or “invite you to celebrate with them”), the name of the couple, the date and time, the location, reception information, dress code, and RSVP card/ instructions)

You’ll also want to include some helpful information as to travel and accommodation arrangements or if you have a wedding website you can save on additional paper and include the URL of your website instead for guests to visit.

Your wedding invitations should be sent out at least 6-8 months in advance so that you can give guests plenty of notice and time to RSVP too. Make your RSVP instructions clear – give guests plenty of time to RSVP and let them know exactly how to RSVP by directing them to an email, phone number or URL they should visit.

Address your invitations specifically to the guests you want to attend, especially if you are inviting a couple, family or allowing guests to bring any plus ones by writing ‘and guest’

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards should be sent for all gifts and contributions received, from the engagement party to the wedding day. A good rule of thumb is to send a thank you card for any gifts received before the wedding day, before the wedding, and any gifts received at the wedding for cards to be sent within 1-3 weeks after the day. Don’t forget to include a thank you card for your suppliers too!

Check, double check and check again, not only do all of your wedding stationary include important information, your guests will also treasure and keep them for years to come too therefore you don’t want to make any mistakes on dates and timing.

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