Rustic weddings are forever trending, a timeless wedding theme that has been around for a long time and isn’t going out of style anytime soon! Rustic weddings have a somewhat casual chic feel to them and illustrate an influence of natural elements. Rustic decor features natural textures and organic materials such as wood, wild flowers and lace or burlap.

However, you don’t need any of these to have a rustic wedding, as the right venue or touches can make for an effortless rustic vibe. Rustic weddings should ultimately be relaxed, romantic and natural. The possibilities are endless from earthy touches and simple items such as mason jars, fairy lights, chalkboards, warm neutrals, pastels, browns to hints of deep, bold colours and structured decor; a rustic wedding can be made uniquely to you as a couple.

Often confused with Vintage weddings, a rustic wedding theme focuses more on the natural eco elements and outdoor venues, whereas vintage themes include inspiration from times gone by such as the Victorian era. Rustic weddings have a touch of burlap table runners and olive branches, unlike Vintage themes that focus on antique decor and the likes of china ceramic ware. Whilst different they are incredibly close wedding themes that both have lots of character to offer.

When it comes to planning the ultimate rustic wedding there aren’t any strict rules as to what will or won’t work, however there are some key elements that you may want to consider…

Venue – Liopetro Venue is made completely from stone and wood with stunning views of the Mediterranean sea and beautiful gardens making it the perfect venue for a rustic wedding in Cyprus.

Decor – You’ll want to focus on natural pieces such as olive branches, local/ wildflowers, wood, burlap & hessian, lace, twine and eucalyptus – think shabby chic and outdoorsy.

Dress – Opt for something that is romantic and flirty, charming yet sophisticated that suits your personality.

Suit – Cotton, linen or tweed jackets & suits in neutral tones such as browns, gray and blue are always a great choice and can compliment every rustic wedding theme.

DIY – One of the most DIY friendly wedding themes is the rustic wedding! So if you’re creative feel free to lend your hand to some gorgeous DIY ideas that’ll let your personality shine.

Cake – There are many options that can tie into a rustic wedding from simple to semi-naked, individual treats to a donut wall – nothing is off limits!

Flowers – Speak with your florist to discuss what’s in season, fitting with your budget and colour palette for the best rustic wedding bouquet

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