Once your marriage is official, it’s time to celebrate your newlywed status! At the wedding reception, you can finally kick back, relax and have some fun celebrating with loved ones.

When it comes to your wedding reception there’s no standard wedding reception timeline that you have to follow, therefore you have the freedom to structure the evening in any way that you wish. Prefer to cut the cake before dinner? Go ahead! There are no rules when it comes to your wedding day.

Filling your wedding reception with any entertainment and activities that suit you and decor included. Personalising your decor has endless possibilities and nothing is off limits; from a personalised dance floor to serving a dish that is personal to you. Incorporate different elements that reflect you as a couple, your relationship, style, culture and hobbies – and not to mention a unique depiction of your love story!

Whether you choose to create new, remove outdated or honour old traditions, choosing what feels right for you both and opting out of any that feel impersonal is what will make your big day most meaningful to you.

We’ve got some inspiration for ways to further personalise your wedding reception…

#1 Opt for an alternative Guest Book

Standard guest books are a rarity at a wedding nowadays as after the festivities they’re left to collect dust. Many couples are now choosing to switch up their guest book and put a modern unique twist on them from getting your guests to sign a canvas print to signing a jigsaw or heart in a drop frame. Find something that suits your wedding theme and you as a couple, have a favourite book? Have your guests sign pages.

#2 Swap Vows

Although you can swap vows at your wedding ceremony, you may wish to swap them at your wedding reception in lieu or as well as your speeches where you can speak them with a lot less pressure and a touch more informal (especially if they’re cheeky!)

#3 Display your (new) name

Show off your new last name in a show-stopping way! Calligraphing your name on your cocktails, gorgeous signage or adorning your reception decor – the possibilities are endless!

#4 Choreograph your First Dance

Your first dance is one of the most special moments of your wedding reception. Add a fun twist by choreographing your first dance, including quirks and your signature dance moves. Your guests will enjoy the show and you’ll lift the mood of the evening in an instant.

#5 A unique Favour

Personalising your favours with your wedding date, names and location into your items are the simplest addition you can make. Take it a step further and build upon your wedding theme or a keepsake that is meaningful to your relationship.

#6 Statement Initials

A custom monogram of your initials is a popular favourite to personalise your wedding reception – from your bar to napkins, head take signage to gift favours. Be sure to create your own monogram in font, style, colour and pattern that resonates with you.

#7 Serve your favourite food(s)

Maybe you have a weeknight/weekend ritual dish or a funny dinner date story, incorporate that dish whether it be pasta or tacos, into your wedding dinner or as a great late night snack option!

#8 A Taste of Something Special

Play around with your cake flavours to give a ‘taste’ of you – and don’t just stop at the flavours! Have fun with the design and style of the cake too, have it complement your bouquet, wedding dress or something completely different like your hobbies or shared passions.

#9 Something out of the box

Whether that’s a magician or belly dancers. Add an entertainment that stands out from the crowd and offers your guests something to wow at and remember. Casino lovers? Have a mini casino or games table. Artsy? You could have a caricature artist or painter adding some live fun to your wedding reception

#10 Add a touch of Culture

Honour your heritage or the local culture by incorporating a touch into your wedding reception. Including a wedding tradition from your culture or show your guests some Cypriot Wedding Traditions will personalise your wedding like no other.

#11 Include Your Pets

Since your furry friends are a big part of your life, it makes sense to give them a special role in your big day. Whilst it may not be feasible to have them there with you, get creative and integrate them into your reception.

#12 Make a unique entrance

You’re officially Mr & Mrs, back from your post ceremony photoshoot, so what a great way to truly make an entrance than something that is unique to you!  

#13 Cake or not to Cake

Whilst cake is traditionally served, if that’s not to your taste (literally) you don’t have to follow tradition! From a donut tower, cupcakes, tamari to macarons.. All of these alternatives are increasingly popular alternatives for couples. Can’t decide? Host a dessert bar serving all of the above or other sweet treats you love. Don’t have a sweet tooth? Opt for a cheese wheel cake instead.

#14 Tell a Story

Use your seating chart or table decor to serve as a piece of your love story. Naming your tables after places you’ve visited or dates that are memorable to your relationship will give your guests an insight into your journey in more ways than one.

#15 Honouring your loved ones

Last but not least, on such a monumental occasion, it’s difficult not to have some of your loved ones with you. Honour deceased loved ones with a memory wall or a table with cherished photos of them framed and on display for everyone to admire and a great way for them to be with you in spirit.

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