Is your Wedding coming up?   The Final Checklist

With 2024 upon us and January at an end (eventually), your Wedding could soon be coming up and before you know it it’ll be right round the corner! No matter if you’ve planned your wedding years or months in advance, you’re on the ‘final stretch’ and there’s a million and one small details that need to be taken care of in the final few months before your wedding.

Here’s what you need to have done or do now before the big day arrives.

3 Months Before Your Wedding

By now you should have ticked off all of the major items and details such as securing all of your vendors, approving all decorations and flowers to match your colour scheme, RSVPs returned, and seating plan can be mapped out. Now is also the time to finalise your place cards, welcome bags and favours. Tip: If you haven’t already done so, check that your passports are at least 6 months in date!

2 Months Before Your Wedding

Be sure to give your final numbers and any dietary requirements that apply to your venue, so that final preparations can begin. Now is a great time to reconnect with your vendors and ensure any last minute details and arrangements are finalised including any final song/ playlist choices, final payment details and times are provided.

1 Month Before Your Wedding

With only a month to go, schedule your final dress fittings for both you and your groom (bridal and grooms party’s included too). It’s essential that your bridal and groom party’s feel just as comfortable and look as good as you – and whilst they may feel a final fitting isn’t necessary, the last thing you want is any additional wedding day stresses that could have been avoided. These final 4 weeks are prime time for any beauty appointments necessary including haircuts, manicures, pedicures and waxing. Don’t forget to make sure you have everything ready and good to go for your marriage licences.

3 Weeks Before Your Wedding

With your seating plan finalised, send it to your wedding planning and/ or venue no later than the fortnight before and confirming table arrangements, layouts & plans at the same time. If you’re writing your own vows now is the perfect time to re-read them, especially if you’re nervous to help you gain some extra confidence doing so.

2 Weeks Before Your Wedding

Have a final get together with your family, bridal and grooms parties to ensure they know exactly what the wedding and days surrounding your wedding will include and any roles/ duties that they need to know about/ be aware of ensuring they know the full itineraries.

1 Week Before Your Wedding

Just 7 days to go now! Confirming any last minute details, such as the steaming of your wedding dress upon arrival and transfers necessary. You should have almost everything in hand and bags nearly packed! Now is the time not to stress but to be excited.

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