Traditions are a key part of Weddings, from start to finish, some we’ve been dreaming of since we were young but why not mix it up and have some non-traditional twists in your day too. There are tons of ideas trending over TikTok lately and here are some of our favorites…

#1 First Looks before the First Look

First looks are a great moment to capture in a photo, but what about your first look from your bridal party and their reaction too?

#2 First Touch

Before you set eyes on eachother, amp up the tension and butterflies with a first touch photo like this one!

(photo by local embers from pinterest)

#3 Social Media Minute

An updated twist on an ‘unplugged ceremony’. An unplugged ceremony is where you request that your guests turn off their phones for your wedding ceremony so that not only is it disruption free but your guests stay present and your ceremony photos are full of people’s mobile phones. The new ‘social media minute’ trend, is just that but with the twist that your guests are allowed ‘one minute’ to take photos after you have made your entrance and then they have to put their devices away for the rest of the ceremony. During this ‘minute’ you both get to stop, pause and take it all in, looking back at your guests and savoring the moment!

#4 Wait to Rise

As you make your entrance down the aisle, if all of your guests stand up, your wedding party and family at the front may not be able to see you (especially if they’re short). Have your guests only stand up once you have passed their row, this way your mum and dad at the front get to see you walk down the aisle in all your glory.

#5 Couples First Dance

A minute or two into your first dance, have your MC announce for all the other couples in your wedding party to join you on the dance floor. After another minute or two, have your MC then ask for couples  that have been together for 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and so on until one couple remains on the dance floor and ask them to give a tip for how to have a lasting marriage.

#6 Mother Daughter Dance

This is particularly special if your father can’t be with you on the day (for whatever reason), celebrate your mum with a special mother daughter dance instead.

#7 Thank the Matchmaker

If you both met through a mutual friend, a party a family member hosted or with the encouragement of a friend on a night out.. Give them a little ‘shout out’ with a chair sign that says ‘matchmaker’ (as you would have saying ‘bride’ or ‘groom’) or include them in one of your couple photo shots! After all you wouldn’t be standing there if it wasn’t for them!

#8 Take a Shot

Do you have a favourite shot or tipple? Have a shot at the end of the ceremony and then have your guests take a shot too during the cocktail reception, then on your anniversary every year you get to take a shot in remembrance to celebrate!

Liopetro Wedding entrance

#9 Reverse the Entrances

Let your Bridal and Groom parties have some fun too with having them make an awesome entrance to the wedding reception also, whether you go enter first or they do this is a really great way to include them in your day and have some of the spotlight.

#10 Last Dance

Before you depart for the night have one last dance as Mr & Mrs alone on the dance floor, no guests, just you two taking the day in with the last dance of the night

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