There are many traditions centered around the major life event that is the bond of two individuals when entering into a marriage. However, with so many traditions to include or choose from, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do anything that doesn’t feel authentic to who you are as a couple, including the first dance.

So you’re not amazing dancers or prefer to shy away from the light, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Whatever your reason may be to forego this custom, you’re not the only ones and you’ll be happy to know that there are other options and lots of unique alternatives too!

#1 Have a group dance

First and foremost, the most popular first dance alternative is an inclusive first dance. Whether it be a select group of guests or your Bridal & Groom parties – get all of your special people in on the fun and share the floor with you for your ‘first dance’. Alternatively you could even turn it into a flash mob!

#2 Perform a song

Maybe you’re not dancers but musically inclined? Performing a song either individually or as a couple could be a great alternative to opt for! You could even turn it into a nice sing along with your guests getting in on the action too!

#3 A Choreographed dance

Perhaps one of you doesn’t have two left feet or relishes the spotlight and would love to serenade their partner with a pre-planned performance

 #4 Live Entertainment

You can still put on a show without being the show! Hire some entertainment that’ll add the wow factor to your wedding reception! Traditional Cyprus Dancers always do the trick and everyone ends up on the dance floor.

#5 Pour a Champagne Tower

Pour a bottle of bubbles over a pyramid of coupes and ‘cheers’ as the golden liquid flows down and fills every glass.

#6 Storytelling

Share anecdotes and memories while images play telling the story of your relationship. Create a multimedia presentation made of up photographs and video clips to allow your guests to relive your story thus far.

#7 A different culture

Incorporate a tradition from a different culture instead! At a traditional Cypriot Wedding the men dance to zorbas the greek, or the couple/ bride dances the traditional ‘money dance’

#8 Hilarious Game or Quiz

Inject some fun and laughter into your reception by organizing interactive games or quizzes. This could be a trivia game about the couple, a lighthearted “newlywed game,” or even a dance-off between guests. Not only will it entertain your guests, but it will also create lasting memories.

#9 Say it with words

If you have a flair for words, consider expressing your feelings through poetry or spoken word. Share verses that resonate with your love story, or even write personalized vows that you recite to each other in front of your guests.

#10 Skip straight to dessert

Simply move up the cake cutting on your wedding day! All eyes will still be on you two for this precious moment and you can make more time for speeches or partying altogether!

Nevertheless, if you can’t wait to celebrate and have your first dance together then by all means keep this tradition as part of your big day! Invest in dance lessons if you’re not that confident or choose an upbeat song that will encourage your guests to join in a short while after you begin.

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